2023 All Star Selections: Part 2

Martin OBrien, Thursday July 6, 2023

It’s July and the All Star Game is quickly approaching! With that, our Captains have submitted their selections to play in the Mid-Summer Classic! 

Let’s take a look at the players named as All Stars! 

Royals: Jordan Levy & Tony Minikakis

It’s pretty hard not to choose two of the most impactful players in the league as All Stars. 

Jordan Levy is the quintessential All Star. Incredible glove at the shortstop position, a middle of the order bar that delivers an OPS consistently over 1.200, and a drive to win that has allowed him to capture the most Reaper Cups in a career (and counting). Levy’s incredible season is truly just under way, as he looks to turn it up at the All Star Game in preparation for the second half of the season and playoffs! 

Tony Minikakis is the type of player most teams would have loved to have. The ability to slot him just about anywhere on the field, put him in the lineup and expect incredible results, and on top of all that, know he’ll likely toss a gem of a game on the mound, Tony has truly earned his spot in the All Star Game. Hitting to a 1.348 OPS and having already earned a win on the mound, the Royals have found a more worthy selection!

Rays: AJ Leitch & Hunter Lee

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: AJ Leitch, All Star. 

In what has been an incredible career already for Leitch, he’s more than earned his All Star selection! Hitting to a team leading 15 RBI, 1.396 OPS, while also continuing his dominant defensive play as a shortstop are just a few reasons why he’s been given this distinction! He’ll look to do his Rays proud in the All Star Game as one of the biggest draws!

Hunter Lee has developed into a whole new level of player this season. A more aggressive approach has seen his batting average now climb to .640 on the season, while still maintaining his power and on base abilities. Beyond his bat, his play on the mound this year has put him in an early Pitcher of the Year conversation, as he’s tied for the league lead in wins, while also leading the league in WHIP and DICE. A very deserving All Star, Lee will look to use this as a platform in his sophomore season to truly leave his mark and help his Rays towards a Reaper Cup! 

Dodgers: Danny Stober and Jeff Walsh 

Tied for the league lead in batting average, while being the solid up-the-middle presence the Dodgers so very much needed, Danny Stober is yet another sophomore who is well deserving of his All Star selection. It can be hard to find a lead-off hitter with such strong skills, but Stober’s set of abilities at the plate are unmatched by most! We look forward to seeing the infielder take his talents to the All Star game! 

It’s not often you see a Rookie come out and dominate from the moment they step on the field, but for Jeff Walsh, it couldn’t have been easier. The current league leader in Home Runs has been a vital component of the Dodgers offence, being the fear inducing presence needed in order to pile up runs against just about any opponent! Having also put up 2 wins on the mound across three complete games, Walsh has taken the league by storm with his all around incredible play, leading to his All Star selection! 

The Captains picks are now complete, and now it’s your turn to decide! Look out for the poll coming this week as you get the chance to send players to the All Star Game!