Player Highlight: Anwar Khan

Martin OBrien, Sunday August 20, 2023

Sometimes it’s just easy, at least that’s how it looks when Anwar Khan steps up to the plate. 


The MVP front-runner has made the most of his return season to RHMRBL, being one of, if not the best bat in the entire league. On top of his average being over .600, Anwar has officially broken the Single Season RBI record held since 2009 by AJ Leitch, as the star reached an astounding 53 RBI during a Friday matchup with the Mets! 


Congratulations to Anwar on this milestone, as he takes his well deserved spot in the League record books! And with games left to play, he will undoubtedly continue to grow that number! 


An incredible bat, a solid glove, and a fantastic person in the dugout, on the field and in the lot, Anwar is a true example of what our League and its history are all about! 


We look forward to seeing him continue to rack up numbers as the playoffs loom ever close!