2023 Reaper Cup Finals

Martin OBrien, Monday October 9, 2023

The 2023 RHMRBL season has officially come to an end! Congratulations to the Royals for pulling off the series comeback to win in 5 games! 


Let’s take a look back at how we crowned our champs. 


Games 1 and 2 looked as if the series would be all Dodgers. The combined efforts of Derek Zaretsky, Jordan Lipson, and Jeff Walsh helped keep the Royals bats at bay to help the Dodgers storm out to a 2-0 series lead. 


With one win left to secure, the script flipped. 


The Royals would put up over 50 runs in 2 games, while holding the Dodgers silent on the back of strong performances from pitcher of the year candidate Brock Wilimek, captain Jordan Levy, rookie phenom Dylan Reeves, and a 2 HR game from Tony Minakakis!


The series would find itself tied 2-2 for both teams as they headed into a winner-take-all Game 5. 


It was a beautiful night for baseball, just ask anyone who was there. With the rain pouring down, the Royals turned to Minakakis and the Dodgers turned to Walsh in a final effort to get over the hump. 


The early game would have both teams putting up runs, with the Dodgers having a one run lead going into the 5th. 


Then the deluge. 


After two rain delays taking us deep into the cold October night, both starters would trade scoreless innings up into the 8th. With the Dodgers just three outs away, it would be on the shoulders of their rookie stud to shut the door and end the Lipson curse. 


Walsh would hit his opposing starter with the first pitch of the inning. Following that up with a game tying double from Brock Wilimek! After loading the bases with no outs, the Dodgers turned to Zaretsky with the game on the line. 


Facing Leo Scire, Zaretsky would pull within a 3-2 count before throwing a ball to earn Scire the walkoff walk and the Royals their series win!


And exciting season all around, and we thank everyone who was able to make this season the best yet! 


Congratulations again to our champions! 


We now turn attention to the upcoming year end banquet, as more information will be coming out soon! Stay tuned!