Player Highlight - Week 1 - Jake McGrath

Chris Maclean, Tuesday July 2, 2024

There are moments in every mans life that can be seen as a before and after event. You were one person before the event and came out changed, a different person after.

The first RHMBL start is that moment for so many of us. It can mark many things; the transition from youth ball to Mens league, the first time on the field with new teammates, the chance to start a legacy in a league already full of them. It takes a special ball player to not only rise to the occasion but exceed all expectations while doing it.

The Giants Baby Face Killer Jake McGrath did just that. After recieving the opening day start as a rookie, The young phenon took the mound and spun a complete game win against the offensivly stout Pirates. A stat line of 7 innings pitched with only 10 hits given up showed that he kept his composure under pressure and demonstrated experience beyond his years.

The league is on notice! Small in stature, Big in heart! The kid has got the goods!

We are looking forward for whats to come.