Richard Rendek could be seen sporting a dress or using his car as a net as others played tennis. The "Bathing Beauties" from days of old could be seen on Sunday games drinking and distracting the players. On-field challenges have resulted in mustaches shaved in front of crowds of players. Conversations of every nature have been had over a cold one and a stogie. And without a doubt, these parties have been allowed to continue because of the kind natured clean up King- "Stinky" Stanley.


His age, unknown. His origin, unknown. The last time he showered, unknown... but he's there every Thursday, Friday, and Sunday to clear the lot of any bottle or can. Some have speculated that he's amassed a small fortune over the years by scouring our fields for bottles. Others believe he patrols multiple fields in search of the ten cent thrill. What we do know for sure is that he's helped keep our lots clear of trouble for many-a-seasons.

About a decade ago other scavengers got word of the gold mine left behind by our thirsty crews. Another "Stink Man" in a different "Stink Van" posed competition for our Jolly Junkie. Stanley, on top of his game, started requesting that we throw the bottles and cans deeper into the brush where only he could find it. Eliminating his competition, Stinky is a good soul — don't ever be afraid to say thank you and pass him your bottle.

Cheers to the stinkiest guy at The Green!

Last Updated: Jul 3 12:51 PM