He is one of the most beloved and possibly misunderstood figures in our league today. Although most players decline with age, his unbelievable energy and desire to play keep him young! One of the very few players to move up annually in the draft, Michael Tynan brings a smile and intensity like few others.

His first five seasons in the RHMRBL were like anyone else’s. Michael evolved to become more than a player, but rather a catalyst to a team’s success. He is typically one of the first to arrive to the diamond. He’s quick to help set the bases and draw the lines. With a tub of balls in tow, “Tiny” will throw a hundred rounds to anyone and everyone. He’s helped turn his teams into contenders, and has won it all for the past 5 years running!

Tynan is also an accomplished pitcher. A ‘spot’ pitcher that can come into a game at any time, in any situation! Whether he’s quick pitching, in to eat innings, or the starter, his winning record says it all. A 3 time executive member, Tynan helps out from every league angle.

If our differences are what makes our league unique, then with Tynan we are definitely blessed! Currently playing on the team that’s tied for first, we’ll closely watch to see if he can make it 6 in a row!


Tynan Front

Tynan Back

Last Updated: Jul 31 4:26 PM