Pitchers are a different breed of player. They think differently, see the game in abstract mostly. The flow of a game, its tempo, even the energy that courses through a dugout can all be managed by the lone guy; the star in the middle of the diamond’s universe. A good pitcher can carry a team. A bad pitcher can sink the ship. A great pitcher is our very own Jordan Winch.

“Dubbs” or “J-Dubb” is as rare as they come. A fiery, one-line-zingy competitor, he is more accomplished than most know. Considered to be one of the greatest hurlers from the south side system, he’s brought his pin point accurate arm and vivaciously live fastball to Richmond Hill. Often limited during the summer, “Winchy” chucks quality start after quality start.

A career .407 hitter, J-Dubb (JW) is a threat offensively too. Rare for pitchers, he has speed to travel the base paths-often helping his own cause during gameplay.

Capturing his first Reaper Cup in 2017, Winch looks to repeat as he’s already put up career numbers in all areas this summer! No doubt, he gives whatever team he’s on a much higher chance of winning... but that’s what winners do!

Winch Front

Winch Back

Last Updated: Aug 31 4:16 PM