As we head into the 2018 playoffs,  our final week of regular season player cards are here. We truly hope everyone has enjoyed this series. A massive thank you needs to be given to our Executive Media team: Angelo Italiano, James Allison, and Nick Moore. Their dedication to the timely postings, website editing, and Facebooking have made this summer series a sensational success.

As with every week, today we look back to a league favorite legend, Les White.

Les was an outstanding teammate and parking lot presence. He was witty, sarcastic, and in love with the game. Although many considered him a pitcher during his early draft years, Les was a versatile player offering his teams utility when needed. Whether at 3rd, 2nd, 1st, the OF, or on the mound, he had great presence and control.

White was a sure bet to enter the RHMRBL Hall Of Fame. He accomplished this in 2011. Capturing 2 Reaper Cups in an illustrious 20 year span, Les will always be remembered as a competitor and winner!

Although not playing in this year’s playoffs, we’re hopeful this legend comes by The Green to cheer his old friends as they battle for the greatest prize in the greatest baseball league in the GTA.

Les Front

Les Back

Last Updated: Sep 3 4:35 PM