Veteran Star - Alim Manji

Nick Moore, Wednesday June 26, 2019

Alim, the Dream, Manji has been a major part of any team throughout his 12-year history with Richmond Hill. Arguably, he continues to be one of the fastest ever to circle the bases in Richmond Hill and all pitchers and catchers fear knowing that if Alim ever gets on first base, then it’s a foregone conclusion that second or even third base will be his for the taking. Yes, he has a habit of making the routine look spectacular.

A 3-time champion, his value is more than just stealing bases or roaming the OF or playing with focused intensity, but Alim will always have a fellow team member’s back on the field. In the parking lot is where Alim truly is special. He’s one of the most social guys around and is always willing to talk with teammates or opponents alike about baseball, the Raptors or football. You’ll never hear a negative word spoken about Alim from anyone.

A true teammate and a kind soul. ~ PSo