Veteran Star - Farhaan Mian

Nick Moore, Thursday August 8, 2019

As James Allison would say “Bwoop Bwoop that’s the sound of the police”! “Five-O” is one of the most loved children of The RHMRBL. His constant positivity, superior game play, and genuine persona all add to the remarkable teammate and player he is. Farhaan Mian is a 5 time champion, playoff MVP and Rookie Of The Year (2008). He is synonymous with a big swinging bat and out of this world range. Farhaan is also the toughest CF’er to run on, boasting a serious cannon.

What’s even more exciting than his game play is the fact that Farhaan can hang out a little longer this summer because of legalization law changes! Instead of chasing bad guys he can hang out with the good guys at The Green and play the game we all love.