President Anderson on COVID-19 Implications

RHMRBL Admin, Sunday March 22, 2020

Hello Gentlemen,

Hope all is well and everyone is staying safe and healthy.

I know everyone is wondering how this will affect the 2020 season, and to be honest we don’t fully know yet. We are still just under 2 months away from Spring Training, so it is simply too early for any decisions to be made. As of today, we are fully anticipating to start the season as planned. Jerseys have been ordered, the town has confirmed that there are no cancelled permits as of now, and the executive is planning under the assumption that we will be good to go by mid-May. With that said, we know things are changing on a daily basis, so we will keep you all updated the second we hear anything from the town.

Until further notice, all winter workouts at the Dugout have been cancelled.  Once we are back, we will be sure to let everyone know.

Use this time to spend with your family and throw the ball with your son or daughter who is always asking you to... It will make their day!

Stay safe,

Jimmy Anderson Jr.


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