Registration Update and Rookie Tryouts

Martin OBrien, Friday March 18, 2022

Hello RHMRBL vets and rookies,


Registration is coming to close on March 24th for both league veterans and incoming rookies. To complete registration, please fill out the registration form on the website and please ensure to send the league fee of $475 to before the 24th. All registrations completed after this day will not be considered for the upcoming Draft on April 2nd, nor will they be considered for Rookie Tryouts.


Make sure to register ASAP if you intend to play!


Each year we look to add new players to our storied league, adding them to the strong foundation that makes RHMRBL what it is today. Hitters, pitchers, and great personalities have been able to take the step from our Rookie draft to becoming league staples. From near and far, we've been able to take in and develop some amazing new talent for over 35 years. As we look to open the 2022 season, we hope to continue adding to our league of amazing and talented baseball players. If you're ready to make the jump into RHMRBL, we invite you to our upcoming Rookie Tryouts!


Rookie Tryouts will be held on March 25th from 8-10PM at The Dugout (41 Citation Drive, Concord, ON). We will be assessing all registered rookies and adding them to our teams for the upcoming 2022 season! Make sure to come out with your best, and be ready to field, hit, throw to the best of your abilities!


Once registration and our Rookie Tryouts have been completed, look out for further updates on the 2022 RHMRBL League Draft on April 2nd! 


More updates to come.


Have a great night!

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