Player Highlight: Kevin Rye

Martin OBrien, Tuesday June 27, 2023

A few years layoff from RHMRBL hasn’t seemed to slow the charismatic and energetic Kevin Rye. 

Making his 2023 debut for the Blue Jays this past weekend, Rye reminded us all that speed never slumps, stealing bases, base hits, and proved to be the catalyst behind the Jays 10-9 comeback victory against the Padres, having scored on 3 stolen bases in only two pitches. 

A single is never truly a single for Rye, as opposing pitchers will find themselves at a loss as he quickly finds himself in scoring position after reaching base. He will leave you in the dust, and there's little stopping him once he gets on a roll. 

We haven't even begun on his defence. Playing opening day in centerfield, he displayed an incredible glove and arm, making multiple diving plays and getting the ball in from deep with minimal effort. After such a great showing, Rye found himself behind the dish for Sunday's game, displaying an agile skillset and strong game-calling to help earn his team the win. 

Beyond his on-field play, Rye is truly one of the best in the lot. Quick with a joke or story to share around the team, it’s hard to find a better guy to bring a team together. 

This is only the beginning for Rye's comeback season, and its clear that there's plenty of excitement all around to see his high-flying play from now, all the way to the end of the Post-Season