2023 All Star Selections: Part 1

Martin OBrien, Thursday July 6, 2023

It’s July and the All Star Game is quickly approaching! With that, our Captains have submitted their selections to play in the Mid-Summer Classic! 

Let’s take a look at a few of the players named as All Stars! 

Mets: Tal Grossman and Mitch Sadofsky 

It truly would not be an All Star Game without these two greats on the Diamond. These two Mets stars have given everything they can to their team as the season approaches its halfway point!

Grossman earned his selection on the back of a .591/.688/.1000 slash line, while also leading his team in games played! One of the top shortstops in the league, an All Star level season is the expectation, not the exception with Tal, and he will look to leave his mark on the 2023 Season by participating in the All Star Game as a tune up to the Reaper Cup Playoffs. 

Sadofsky has been no slouch either, proving to offer another season of versatility and a strong bat. Finding him just about anywhere on the field, Mitch has stepped up to help his Mets team stay in and win games with his superb play. The Captain looks to join his teammate on the way to winning the All Star Game!

Padres: Chris MacLean & Anwar Khan

So many deserving players, but after hard deliberation the Padres have settled on their star pitcher and shortstop to participate in the All Star Game!

MacLean has started the season off with a bang, earning two wins on the mound, throwing a league leading three complete games, and hitting a very solid .406 on the season! That isn’t even to mention his stellar play in centre field! The early Pitcher of the Year candidate has done all he can in order to earn his All Star selection, and we’re proud to see our young star make it so far already!

Anwar Khan made his return to the Green this season, and he made sure people will remember it for years to come. Leading the Padres in ever offensive category, and leading the league with a whopping 25 RBI, Khan has been everything his team could have asked for and more. And for that he’s more than earned his spot on the All Star Roster!

Blue Jays: Josiah Pratt & Martin O’Brien

Captains So and Webb had many choices when selecting their All Star representatives, and after watching their team play, they decided to send their pair of lefties to the All Star Game!

Reigning Rookie of the Year, Josiah Pratt has continued his dominant play, hitting to the tune of a 1.533 OPS, while offering sound defence at every outfield spot, and still flashing his blazing fastball. The offensive juggernaut just doesn’t slow down, and looks to be running straight into his first All Star Game in just his sophomore season!

O’Brien joins his teammate among a breakout season on the mound, having throw a team leading 21 innings thus far in the season and earning 2 wins along the way. The lefty has found his control, having cut his walk rate in half this season! He looks to join his teammate Pratt as both make their first All Star Game! Not too shabby for an 11th round pick!

Part two will be coming tomorrow, so don’t miss out as our All Star Celebrations are just beginning!