2023 All Star Vote Results: Part 2

Martin OBrien, Saturday July 8, 2023

The Jordans have made the All Star Game! 


Let’s take a look at the league vote winners from the Jays and Dodgers! 


Jordan Webb has continued strong from his 2022 MVP campaign, hitting to a .560 clip, anchoring the middle of his Jays lineup and being the steady shortstop the team has needed. A threat both at the plate and in the field, it’s of little surprise he won the league vote on his way to earning a spot in the All Star Game! 


Jordan Lipson has come back strong this season. Earning two wins on the mound, while leading the league in strikeouts, the Dodgers ace has been everything his team could ask for. The perennial Pitcher of the Year candidate won the league vote for the Dodgers and will taking his talents to the All Star Game! 

Congratulations to both Webb and Lipson on their nominations!