2024 Draft Results and Trade Tracker

Chris Moncayo, Thursday May 9, 2024

2024's edition of the RHMRBL Draft was one of the most memorable. Dave & Buster's was the perfect venue to host our 40th season's annual draft celebration.  Along with more than half the membership, we also streamed the draft live via Twitch on DJ Moncayo's channel (https://twitch.tv/missionboyone) to over 30 people.  To commemorate the occasion we brought in a cake with our 40th season logo and one of the original founding members and long time League President Jimmy Anderson Sr.  This 40th season draft is a milestone for him, in that he's now got a second son Tyler, to also be drafted this year.  This marks 3 Anderson's to play in this great league.

Thank you to everyone on the executive who was involved in this great event, it will be first of many events to come this season!  Also stay tuned to our channels for more information about 40th season merch.

Last Updated: Apr 7, 3:29pm

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#1 - Saturday April 6th
#2 - Sunday April 7th