Player Highlight: Aaron Sosa

Martin OBrien, Monday July 15, 2024

It’s always a treat to find a rookie who immediately comes out to dominate. And the Reds have found an absolute diamond with rookie catcher, Aaron Sosa. 

Providing his team with one of the best bats in the league, an imposing presence both at and behind the plate, and pitching the Reds to wins already, Sosa has firmly placed himself in the Rookie of the Year conversation. 

Behind his dominating performance is one of the nicest and most energetic guys the league has seen in years! Whether in the field or in the lot, it’s hard to miss Sosa with his positive attitude and ability to bring a laugh and smile to anyone around him. 

He looks to help the Reds to a Reaper Cup win as the season chugs along! And we all look forward to what he does next!