Veteran Star - Rob Katz

Nick Moore, Monday July 8, 2019

Rob “The Architect” Katz is a very different breed of ball player. Few can match his cunning gameplay and sharp baseball acumen. The three time Captain has piloted two squads to hoist the coveted Reaper Cup.

Coming out of the minor league southern system, Rob has excelled in the RHMRBL both on and off the field. The fourth year executive member has brought invaluable insight and depth to the council he sits and serves on.

He’s truly a selfless leader. His squads ALWAYS come first. Sitting himself to play his teammates, this future Hall Of Famer shows his love for the league week in and week out.

Post game Coach Katz can always be seen mingling in the parking lot; gathering information all while building true competitive friendships.

Recently Rob suffered a cheek/eye injury, so if you have the time or opportunity to wish him well, please do so!

Here’s to you Katz, and all you do to make the RHMRBL the greatest league in the GTA!