Veteran Star - Chris Raymer

Nick Moore, Wednesday July 10, 2019

Our brotherhood in the RHMRBL is marveled with many diverse characters. Some seem larger than life itself, while others like Chris “CRaymer” Raymer are steady, headstrong, and parking lot dominant!

Now in his seventh year, the 2 time champion has found his groove. Posting his best statistical numbers in 2018, the Vet looks to repeat his incredible season while helping his Pirates climb the standings.

Raymer’s solid bat and consistent glove have moved him up in draft rankings annually. His nonchalant attitude coupled with his fierce competitive nature simply means that you can never discount the star no matter what the score.

Chris can often be seen shutting down his lot and moving to whatever lot has a party still going! A true blessing to the remarkable tapestry of the RHMRBL!