2018 Trade Tracker

While it would've been hard to keep up with the 8 trades and 30 players swaped from last year's trade week, this year's short window barely saw any action. Paul So and the Phillies made two deals, as did Brandon Lublin and the Blue Jays. Poor Daniel Erem was shipped off twice, but optimists will say that simply shows off his value. Rosters are now set (with rookies to be added later), but see the deals below.

Trade 1 - Phillies get: Antonio Congiusti & Daniel Erem. Athletics get: Michael Tynan & Aaron Prakash.

Trade 2 - Royals get: Ryan Sourlis & Brad Marks. Blue Jays get: Chris Bascom & Steve McHale.

Trade 3 - Phillies get: Mike Ostfield. Blue Jays get: Daniel Erem.

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Last Updated: Mar 26 5:34 PM