2022 Awards

Martin OBrien, Wednesday December 21, 2022

The 2022 Season has officially closed! Thank you to our gracious hosts at Lee’s Palace for having us as we celebrated the end to another fantastic RHMRBL season! 

This year we saw a great bevy of incredible performances, but unfortunately there are only so many awards to be had! On that note, let’s take a look back at who came away with the major hardware! 


Manager of the Year - Paul So

Much can be said about the A’s season. The number one seed. Strong players across the whole roster. A Reaper Cup Championship. But none of it would be possible without its fearless and savvy leader, Paul So. 

So is no stranger to the manager role, having captained many a team over his RHMRBL career, but this year may have taken the cake. After leading his team to 15 games, he showed an immense level of skill as the bench boss by constructing a tough lineup and ensuring his team was always in the best position to come away with a strong effort. 


Playoff MVP - Jordan Levy

11 Reaper Cups in 18 seasons doesn’t come easy. Some are still trying at their first. But for Jordan Levy, it may as well come as easy as a play is when he’s playing defence. 

Hitting an astounding .516 during the Athletics’ playoff push, while playing sound defence and throwing a complete game has earned Levy his fourth Playoff MVP. When he took the field, the A’s knew they were in the best position to win. With crafty plays, a bat that ages like fine wine, and a calm attitude that keeps his team in check, it’s hard to have picked anyone else for this honour. 


Pitcher of the Year - James Allison

What can be said about James Allison that hasn’t been said already? An incredible season on the mound resulting in a league leading 7 wins is absolutely nothing to scoff at. The Braves knew that when JA was on the bump, they were walking to the parking lot in high spirits having come off a win. 

The way he kept hitters off balance with impeccable control and pitch selection really allowed him to stand out in ways no other pitcher did this past season. 


Rookie of the Year - Josiah Pratt

This season brought an exciting rookie class not seen in a long while at the Green. From catchers, to elite bats, to fiery pitchers, it was Josiah Pratt who stood out amongst them all.

The quiet giant put together a great rookie season in which he flashed his blazing fastball on his way to a standout 11.03 K/8. But his contribution at the plate was what really put Pratt on another level. In limited at bats, Pratt put together a 1.259 OPS while also being a plus glove in the outfield. 

Being an all around player earned Pratt his honours, and we look forward to his budding RHMRBL career! 


Old Glove - Tal Grossman

When you see Tal Grossman in the opposing lineup, you better hope to hit the ball in the air (and even then he still might get the out). 

Grossman has once again proven that his defence is second to none. Displaying a strong arm and reality defying range, it’s clear that any ball hit his way ends in a quick trip back to the dugout. Playing shortstop, third base, and anywhere his team asked of him, Grossman stood out amongst all other defenders this season. 


Svenner - Waylen Nelson

It’s hard to find a better personality than that of Waylen Nelson. You’ll find him as he always is: in his chair sharing stories and jokes after stealing a win for his team. 

Having watched him be the heart and soul of his team this season, Waylen could be found doing anything and everything to keep up morale and good spirits. Beyond this, his giving nature and up-beat attitude really stood out above all else during the 2022 season. 

A true champion on and off the field, you’ll find no one more welcoming than Waylen. Congratulations on your Svenner!


Home Run Champ - Conner Stevenson

Folks, this is only his second year in the league. 

Conner Stevenson decided to put on a laser show this season. In only 16 games, Stevenson was able to hit an incredible 11 home runs for the Twins! Challenging for a record that hasn’t been touched since 2004, Stevenson came close to tying the single season home run record. 

The power is only going to continue to improve for the young shortstop, and we fully expect him to come close to the All-Time Home Run Record by the time his time at the Green comes to a close!


League MVP - Jordan Webb

It’s hard to imagine any baseball player being able to roll out of bed and be ready to crush baseballs. A player who displayed such natural talent and being able to pull it all together to put together one of the greatest seasons the Green has ever seen. Jordan Webb battled hard to earn his first career MVP. 

Playing in every single game for the Athletics this season, Webb made sure he wouldn’t leave without his hardware. Hitting an astounding .610 with 13 doubles, there were few players who struck as much fear in opposing pitchers than Webb. Alongside his monster bat was a solid glove playing up the middle at the shortstop and second base positions. 

To cap it all off, Webb would throw in 5 games for his team, earning them a win and keeping them in games with regularity. 

14 seasons of true excellence has finally be capped off with his first MVP, and we expect to see Webb earn more as his career continues on! 


Before we end off, let us acknowledge the achievement that matters more than most: survivorship! Without our long-term vets, we wouldn’t be able to continue making this league the best one there is!

Alan Kaplan is celebrating 25 seasons with the league! A true battler and a great example of what the league is all about, we are thankful for all of your years of hard service! 

Andy Borusok is also celebrating 25 years! One of, if not the longest-term catcher in the history of our fine league, Borusok has been a staple at the Green longer than most can remember! It’s been an incredible pleasure to see his contributions on field, as well as his incredible attitude in the lot over all these years! 

Duane Jackson also reached the 25 year mark this season! One of the most fun and entertaining players this league has seen, Jackson has stepped up in many ways to advocate for our league and bring it to its glory! 

Richard Rendek, truly one of the biggest characters and contributors to our league, has finally reached the 25 year mark! It’s fair to say that “Dickie” has been one of the most important factors in allowing our league to remain so great even today! 

Thank you all for your years of service and your continued efforts to make each game and day with the league better and better!

We now look forward to 2023. With meetings slowly getting underway in planning out yet another incredible season, look out for more updates as we begin to ramp up for the new year!